Metahuman BLUE I.Q. -  Blue Blockers

Metahuman BLUE I.Q. - Blue Blockers

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Introducing Metahuman BLUE I.Q. — the pinnacle of blue light blocking technology...

These glasses are not just an accessory; they are a critical performance enhancer for the digital age.

Shield Your Pineal Gland from Blue Light

Nighttime is a cue for the pineal gland to work its magic, secreting melatonin to signal sleep. But blue light from screens can throw off this natural rhythm, tricking your body into thinking it's still daytime. Metahuman BLUE I.Q. glasses are your defense against this modern disruption. By blocking blue light, they preserve the function of your pineal gland, ensuring it releases melatonin on schedule, so you can enjoy deep, restorative sleep. Protect your third eye's inner clock and embrace the power of a good night's sleep, essential for your daily resurgence as a Metahuman.

Optimized Vision, Enhanced Performance
Crafted for the relentless innovator, the midnight oil burner, the relentless reader, and the digital craftsman, Metahuman BLUE I.Q. glasses shield your eyes from the harsh blue light emitted by screens. The advanced lenses are designed to reduce eye strain, improve sleep, and heighten focus, allowing you to work and play without compromising your health.

Sleek Design Meets Superior Comfort
With a minimalist frame that speaks volumes about style, these glasses make a statement of sophistication while promising unparalleled comfort. Lightweight and durable, they are built for continuous wear, seamlessly fitting into your daily attire. Whether you’re at work or winding down, Metahuman BLUE I.Q. ensures your eyes are protected with a comfortable, barely-there feel.

The Clarity You Crave
The clear lenses offer true color perception and do not distort your vision. Experience the truest colors and details with crystal clarity, all while protecting your eyes from the blue light spectrum that disrupts your circadian rhythm and causes sleep disturbances.

Your Shield Against Digital Fatigue
Metahuman BLUE I.Q. glasses are equipped with cutting-edge lens technology that blocks out the perfect amount of blue light, keeping your circadian rhythm unaltered and safeguarding against digital eye fatigue. Slip them on and feel the immediate difference as your eyes relax, even during extended screen time.