Metahuman™ Organic Hawaiian Turmeric

Metahuman™ Organic Hawaiian Turmeric

  • $35.00

We are so excited to launch our new superfood nutrient line.

This is the first product in the brand new Metahuman superfood line, if you order now we will be starting shipping March 1st.

Hawaiian Turmeric is known on the islands as "Olena".

We source our 100% organic Turmeric from a carbon negative sustainable farm on the island of Kauai.

Turmeric is well known for the anti-inflammatory compound it contains (curcumin).

However, recent studies have shown that full spectrum (whole root) turmeric is so full of other beneficial compounds it is preferable to take a premium quality full spectrum organic turmeric powder.

Hawaiian turmeric is absolutely delicious and the perfect addition to your daily golden milk!

Available for pre-order now! (ships March 1st)