Ready to unlock your greatest mental and physical capacity? 

Ready to transcend your self limiting beliefs?

My life purpose is to help you become a new version of yourself whom is more powerful and fulfilled.

Get coached by
Joshua Hanna CEO Metahuman, Inc.

Joshua Hanna is a H.H.P / C.N.C
(Holistic Health Practitioner)
Nutrition Consultant
Strength Conditioning Specialist

He has been mentored by many world leading experts in health and fitness.
His life is devoted to learning from the most advanced beings on this planet and to share what he learns with others.

At 23 he broke his back in a brutal skateboard accident. 

Through diligent application of regenerative medicine and biohacking - he now has absolutely no symptoms and is stronger than he was before a suffering a broken spine.

His passion is to help others achieve their highest expression of health and self through the personal application of advanced health science.

Pricing is always on sliding scale and clients are chosen on a case by case basis.

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