The Ethos of Metahuman

combining form
  1. denoting a change of position or condition.
  2. denoting something of a higher or second-order kind.
    "metalanguage" is a platform dedicated to sharing the ongoing results of my extensive research into the field of human potential.

I firmly believe that every human being possesses immense untapped potential, and my life purpose is learning how to access it.

I have spent the last 15 years of my life studying as many healing arts and health sciences as possible. I have gone to school for nutrition, studied herbalism, studied bodybuilding, yoga, meditation, consumed sacred medicines, interviewed world leading health scientists, geneticists, and neuroscientists. 

Though diligent research and exploration into the emerging art/science of "biohacking"- it has become evident to me that our bodies, minds, and hearts are wired for evolutionary transformation.

Once we embark on a committed journey of self transformation, and the hunger to actualize our highest potential emerges, there is no going back to previous versions of ourselves, thus metamorphosis into our highest potential self- becomes both the path and the goal of our personal evolution.

Metahuman™ brand, is devoted to offering the most researched and effective nutritional, herbal, and technological tools mankind has acquired access to.
Through the growth of our company, we will use our resources to assist in transforming the way the human species relates to ourselves and to our planet. You can think of this as Mutualism.

Mutualism is defined as a type of symbiotic relationship that is beneficial for all species engaged in the relationship.)

Metahuman as a movement, is devoted to actualizing the possibility of a new path in human evolution, towards the embodiment of our highest potential, not only as individuals, but far more importantly-- the embodiment of our highest potential as a unified species.

Thank you for your ongoing support :)

Joshua Hanna