Hacking The Multiverse To Become Your Healthiest Self

What does the quantum multiverse have to do with you achieving your best health ever??


If you can give me a moment of your time- please let's try something together.

Completely stop thinking.

Pause. Breathe….

Just think about nothing.

Now, take an inventory of the present moment.

At this present moment, you are experiencing your own unique reality. 

A singular reality that only you get to experience.

The reality that you are experiencing has its own unique circumstances.

You may have very real health problems.

You may have a lot of emotional stress, physical stress and serious problems happening inside of your body.

You may want to heal very badly and get healthier - or you may have given up hope and unconsciously committed yourself to staying unhealthy through not taking action- or not making changes because you believe your mental, physical or emotional health will never improve.

What does any of this have to do with the multiverse theory?

What if there is a future version of yourself in a parallel universe who is living in VIBRANT HEALTH - and what if...

...you could bridge the gap and become that future self?


Here's the juice:

Right now- you are experiencing one reality, and tomorrow you will be experiencing a slightly different reality.

One month from now you will be a different version of yourself - one year from now you will be a different version of yourself - and 5 years from now you will be a different version of yourself. 

This is where the power lies:

WE HAVE ACCESS TO IMMENSE POTENTIAL, and the person we are today does not have to be the person we become tomorrow.

There are many different POTENTIAL versions of yourself that will exist in future realities. 

Out of infinite possibilities, our intentions create probabilities and our actions create actualized realities.


If you can TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact that change is a constant in life and that change can be your friend if you make all the right choices ---> IMAGINE who you could be in 1 month, 1 year, 5 years or 10 years.

Our actions determine who we will become.

For example:

If an individual is feeling unwell and continually making the choice to eat unhealthy food, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol every single day - it is very possible these variables will put them at a much higher potential risk to develop cancer one year from now-- and if they are to continue to ACTUALIZE the potential version of themselves who one year from now gets extremely sick, goes to the doctor, and gets diagnosed with cancer, it could have been prevented from actualization through a change in behaviors and actions.

There is also another potential future version of this person...


.... a person whom in one year from now-- does not have cancer, is breathing vibrant oxygen into functional lungs, is putting healthy food into a healthy gut, whose cells are healthy and dividing properly, and who will see their family and loved ones for years to come.

This person made the conscious choice to quit smoking, quit drinking, and decided to eat only healthy organic food, reduce stress, meditate, exercise, and cleanse their body as a lifestyle.

Think of this as a quantum stream. A flowing stream of choices and experiences that can lead us into very different future potential realities.

We all create quantum alignment to future potential versions of ourselves, through our actions, behaviors and choices.

We can enter into a parallel universe, by aligning to our highest potential self and BECOMING it, through our actions, thoughts and choices.


The multiverse isn't out of our reach.

We create the self we experience tomorrow through the choices we make today.