The End Of Racism: Deconstructing The Falsehood Of Race

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Racism is one of humanities biggest problems.

Racism, is a very real system of oppression - based on the concept that there are superior and inferior "races".

This systemic oppression is deeply systemic in the United States and engrained into history and society with horrific consequence.

Racism is based on a false construct, because "race" doesn't actually exist.

True story.... There is no such thing as race.

Understanding Slavery

To deconstruct the idea of race, we need to begin by understanding the history of slavery.

In ancient history, slave ownership had less to do with "race", and more to do with warmongering and the conquest of neighboring empires.

Many cultures across the world took prisoners of war after a victorious battle, and forced them to become subservient in their society. It was a common practice for prisoners of war to become slaves.

This was done without any specific prejudice to skin color. Slaves were captured with the intention of "owning" the people of the opposing empire. Archeology tells us this is likely to have occurred in nearly every ancient civilization across the world.

Slavery has always been a mechanism of power - for the conquering ruling oligarchs of ancient humanity.


The Birth Of Capitalism & Slavery

Global human trafficking traces its roots to the genesis of capitalism in the 14th and 15th century.

Slavery & capitalism have always been deeply entangled.

Owning and trading captive human beings - became a commodity in an emerging global trade-based economic system.

The birth of capitalist slave trade is known to academics as the "trans-saharan" slave trade. It was a vast network which allowed human trafficking merchants to buy and sell black slaves from Africa, white slaves from Southern and Eastern Europe, slaves from Caucasus and slaves from Central Asia.

The "trans-saharan" slave trade was a massive human trafficking network which eventually branched out to over seas trade, when it was discovered by Portuguese merchant ships.

The "trans-atlantic slave trade" was born in the mid 1400's when Portuguese ship builders advanced their nautical engineering to the point where new boat designs such as the "Caravel" would enable them to travel to Africas Atlantic coast.

Portuguese mariners would travel to the Atlantic African coastline in search of pre-existing trade networks for gold, textiles and various other West African commodities, which lead to their participation in the existing slave trade in Africa (the trans-saharan slave trade) and allowed them to build a new network of trans-atlantic human trafficking.

In 1518, Portuguese slave traders trafficked the very first humans from Africa to North America.

The trafficking of human beings from Africa to colonies in North America began as colony leaders followed the behaviors of ruling class oligarchs. They gained power and infrastructural control by enlisting the work force of non-consenting laborers.


Race As A Concept

The idea of "Race" was invented as a political mechanism by small groups of early European colonists - who aspired to gain political and financial power and decided they needed a reason to justify slave ownership. 

Leaders of the North American European colonies wanted access to the trans-atlantic slave trade to build and expand colony infrastructure.

The concept of race was their perfect "solution" - to justify the brutality, captivity and all around horrors of the human trafficking the wished to participate in.

Constructing the concept of a "lower race" based on discrimination against physical characteristics such as skin pigmentation - gave European colony leaders an ability to circumvent potential ethical conflict against human trafficking, captivity, brutality, mistreatment and every other imaginable atrocity slave owners would commit.

Through the creation of "race" as a concept, colonial European slave owners were able "dehumanize" other human beings, by promoting their imaginary construct that "lower races" are more similar to livestock or animals, and thus do not deserve equal human rights.

The oppressive strategy to ethically justify slave ownership, lead to the emergence of two ideas simultaneously - and the concepts of "race" and "racism" were born.

"Race" was born as a conceptual method of "demeaning the conquered" - and the concept was integrated into colonial society.

The Institutionalization Of Systemic Racism

Over the past 500 years, since the conception of racism, there has been a tremendous amount of reinforcement in the belief that there is such a thing as race, and that some races are better than others.

Politicians, special interest groups, and even discredited pseudo-scientists have pushed the agenda of race.

The idea has been so reinforced in American culture, that it has worked its way into every political and economic system that we have. The injustices and atrocities that are a consequence of this idea are profound.

It is critical to recognize simultaneously, that racism has had unfathomable destructive consequences to people with darker skin pigmentation, and, that it is ultimately based on a false construct.

If we can understand collectively that race is a false construct, invented to justify human trafficking for political and financial gain - and that systemic racism is the consequence of that idea - we can start to deconstruct it in all aspects of our society and work diligently to eradicate its influence.

If Race Doesn't Exist - Why do we look different?

The emergence of genetic science is one of the ultimate methods to deconstruct racism.


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